Monday, January 27, 2020

What's Cooking?

One of my friends once told me, "If only we knew beforehand what programming language is going to rule the world next!", and that got me thinking. While everybody wants to be ahead of the curve, is it really possible to predict the next-gen programming language?

To me, the answer is, kind of. Although one can't be sure of that one and only language, but we can surely do some research on the trends and come up with a handful of languages that are rapidly going up the curve.

So I did, and here is my pick of the top five upcoming programming languages, that I think are going to shape the software industry next.

My list is (In the order of my preference of course 😉 )

1. Julia
2. Rust
3. Kotlin
4. Go Language
5. Elixir

I'm just getting warmed up, Keep watching this space for a detailed description of each of these languages!


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